Sunday, October 24, 2010

good for 15% off order at BIG CARTEL ONLY

discount code for next 24 hour on big cartel. i am eastern standard time so it is now 3:30pm
so code is good until Monday 25th at 3:30pm eastern standard time.
just working on getting orders out as fast as i can.

this is the only thing i do , and have lots of orders. the shipping time is 3 to 4 weeks because that is how many orders i have ahead of you, i do work at this 7 days a week, most weeks and finish as many items as i can each day, thanks for making me so popular, i will be cutting off orders for CHristmas delivery around the 7th of November,

Once i have all of the orders shipped i will then list ready to ship items.

discount code thru the end of November for 10% off your order on big cartel ONLY.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

hey, been busy, headed to the Dixie Classic Fair to eat junk food and follow 2 teenage girls around probably for the last time. they are both graduating high school in the spring and so will probably not be around to go the fair next year with mama Pam(my sister) and me(mother)My daugher, sister and myself have made this trip every year since Danielle was 1 year old. i can still see the photo in my head of her in the little plaid flannel one piece with a sprig of hair sticking up on top of her head with a tiny little bow.

so once again off to the fair.