Thursday, July 29, 2010

i either can't see very well anymore or can't read. i have been requesting money from someone all day and left one of the letters out of her paypal address. and i even stood up and got up close and personal wth the computer screen when i was writing the email address down this morning. omg. i have been cutting and sewing all day, i need a break, i guess i will go to bed and get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hey, just watching the end of the office reruns. i enjoy the humor. still working on items for orders to ship out, never ending, looking forward to receiving my new fabric i have ordered.

does not take much to excite me these days. LOL. my blog is being worked on and will soon have some buttons to push, so you will soon be able to push my buttons, unlike how my 17 year old daugther does it. actually she is a very sweet young lady and usually does most things i ask her to do, p.o everyday for me, and i laugh when she gets to go and stand in line for international packages., which is almost everyday now.

i paid something for her recently so she still owes me. the part i did not give her. i keep telling her part of having a car is having the responibility of also maintaining the car. I don't think she gets it still.
coffee and an apple. good start for the day, now if i can just get out that firm video later and get back into the workout mode, maybe ala mode. not really. let's get going, prime sewing time is wasting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

good morning, still trying to figure this whole blog thing out, but will do so as i go. Watching the end of "inisde moves" from the 70's i think. great movie, have watched it several times on IFC, so know most of it by heart now.

i may have found some help for my blog so when i get time to think and sort my thoughts i will be talking more to the lady. back to sewing and creating.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am also starting to sell on Big Cartel. so i am posting a discount code for 10% discount with this code. SSS2010. i will have this code valid thru the end of September.

i am new at blogging but will learn as i go. so hopefully people will find me on my blog and get the DISCOUNT CODE from above and then go the big cartel and find me in the store directory.

same name

ladyoutofcarolina bigcartel -code is only good on big cargel.
Saturday and i finally finished the front lawn and i think it is going to rain, check out the roof i tried to fix eariler in the week, i not only sew i am very handy, in my opinion.

am going to try out the mash potato recipe from weight watchers. since i sit all of the time and sew i have gained a few pounds and am trying to lose some weight. also need to start doing the firm cardio video again. just making myself do it is a chore, i enjoy it once i get started.